Warkworth War Memorial Hall

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The Main Hall

This room is suitable for large events such as dances, concerts or large social occassions. It is approximately 7.15 x 13.9 metres. The maximum capacity varies with layout of the room. In concert format with rows of chairs the working capacity is 120; for Ceilidhs and the Community Cinema the working capacity is about 70. These numbers fall well within the limit of 200 set by the Fire Services.

WiFi is available. For a brief overview of the Hall’s audio and projection systems, see AVS notes. A demonstration of this equipment can be arranged if needed. The temperature control and instructions for central heating are near the double doors that lead to the vestibule.

There are 26 fold-up tables - 68.5cm x 91cm (14), 68.5cm x 182cm (6), 76cm x 182cm (6). There are 40 blue chairs in the Hall. A further 48 red chairs are available in the store room (between the gents and ladies toilets). Less convenient for access are a further 40 chairs in the basement. After being used, all chairs must be returned to their normal location.

At one end of the hall is a raised stage approximately 6.2 x 3.4 metres. Adjacent to the stage is access to the basement. Other than the Drama Group and maintenance, access is not permitted to this area.

Supper Room

The Supper Room

This is suitable for smaller events or as a bar, when used in conjunction with the Main Hall. It is approximately 5 x 7.2 metres, including a fixed bar roughly 3.1 x 1.4 metres. This houses a wine chiller and over 200 glasses (approx 70 wine, 45 flutes and over 100 pint and half pint glasses). A gas fire, operated by a remote control, is available in this room should additional heating be required. Instructions are on the shelf above the fire.

WiFi is available. A STAS picture hanging system is available for temporary display of artwork.

British Legion Room

The British Legion Room

This room is available for general use. It is accessed by a flight of stairs.

It measures approximately 6.4 x 4.5 metres. It has 6 collapsible tables (each measuring 178cm x 75cm), 20 chairs and a conventional gas fire. It is ideal as a meeting room for up to 20 people. WiFi is available in the hall, but you will need to power on WiFi boosters - see notice board for details.


The Library

This is accessed by a flight of stairs through the Supper Room. It is a non-bookable room. As well as providing a storage area it is suitable as a small study area. It measures approximately 4.2 x 5.1 metres. It has a table, 12 chairs and a conventional gas fire. WiFi is available.


The Kitchen

This is accessed either through the Supper Room or through the external kitchen door. It is available for use by anyone booking one or more of the above rooms. It measures 4.4 x 3.8 metres and houses a large fridge, 2 kettles and 2 water boilers (1 x 10 litre and 1 x 20 litre), a microwave, an electric cooker and a dish washer. A large selection of crockery and some cutlery is available along with teapots, jugs, tea-towels, table cloths and trays. There is an electric heater, which can be turned up as needed. When not in use, the heater should be left powered on, but at its lowest setting which provides frost protection. There are no consumables for general use.


Male, Female and Disabled toilets are available from the vestibule. A further unisex toilet is available on the 1st floor outside the Library. We do not have a nappy disposal service. Used nappies should be removed from the premises and not placed in Hall bins.

After Your Event

The Hall is run as a charity by volunteers. Please respect this and ensure that you leave the rooms as you find them, turning off/down heating as instructed above, returning any furniture to its original location and clearing away any waste material. There are waste and re-cycling bins outside the kitchen. Please remove any excessive amounts of waste from the site.

Other Useful Information


The Hall has 12 allotments, three directly behind the Hall and nine across from the Ember path. All are currently occupied and there is a waiting list. Allocation is restricted to Warkworth residents only. The charge is £15 per year. An Allotment Agreement covers their usage.